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Leap Off The Ladder

Leap Off The Ladder


“Leap Off the Ladder: From Corporate Life to Pursuing Your Own Path” is a self-help guide for transitioning to entrepreneurship. This book will take you through Morgan’s journey to self- employment as the CEO of The Lusso Brand, all the way from her childhood. She shares strategies to remaining motivated in times where it feels like entrepreneurship is too stressful. Morgan discusses ways to measure the personal battle of knowing when the time was right to leap off the corporate ladder instead of climbing another rung as an employee. With details on various tactics she uses to scale and grow her business, motivate herself and her team as well as keep herself grounded through all of life’s demands, Leap Off the Ladder is a usable guide to any aspiring or mature entrepreneur. As a young girl in Detroit, she’s always known what her dream was but she had no clue how to get there. “Leap Off the Ladder” will inspire you to find your own path, just as she did!

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